Why Choose Handcrafted Acrylic Over Injection Moulded Acrylic?

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With so many options for clear plastic or acrylic on the market, it is not a surprise that we often misunderstand the difference between each type. Each type is made using a different manufacturing method, resulting in a difference in price.

We have decided to put together this post to help you understand the difference between injection moulded acrylic vs hand-crafted acrylic.

Injection moulded acrylic products are manufactured by injecting the acrylic into a mould. The final product can have relief markings and have a blue haze effect and can be brittle. The lower quality of this product means it is not suitable for storing items over a long period of time. Additionally injection moulding takes less labour than handcrafting thus resulting in a much cheaper product.

This type of product will be preferred for short term usage

Handcrafted acrylic is the preferred choice when creating a modern luxurious high–end product.

Although hand-crafting acrylic is more time consuming and the costs are much higher the difference in quality is amazing.
There are almost no defects through the manufacturing process, including common problems like relief marks and the haze effect from the mould.

Unlike injection moulding, each joint is hand glued and polished with precision resulting in a crystal clear extremely strong end product suitable for storing items over a long period of time.

This type of product will be your preferred choice for long term usage, which is why we recommend purchasing one of Zujaaj’s hand-crafted acrylic make-up organizers.

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