Ten reasons why you need to organise your makeup

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Does it seem like you have been visiting your favourite make up shop even if you are most certain that you’ve bought the lipstick or mascara that you wanted a couple of months back? Chances are, the things that you’re looking for are either lost or dumped unknowingly due to the fact that your make-up is just piled up someplace in your room. That feeling would really be a bummer considering you know you have it but you cannot really find it. It’s one of the dilemmas we actually experience and would really like to resolve. It’s also just one of the reasons why you need to organise your makeup and all of its accessories.

1. You can fully utilize the items that you already have. If your make-up is organised (let’s say they are organised by brand name or by type of make-up), you’ll be able to use them to its full potential as it has a set space and provision in a make-up organiser. Stuff not properly stored or organised tends to get lost and is wasted without even fully utilizing it. With a make-up organiser, you will be able to do this and monitor which items need to be replaced.

2. Organising saves you time. And effort too. In organising stuff such as make-up items, looking for something specific becomes a breeze. Conversely if it isn’t organised, you may end up looking for a small item such as lipstick colour in a big pile which could take a lot of time.

3. You need to have everything ready for you when you need it. Doing make-up takes effort and time. If you’re consuming precious time and effort in looking for eyeliner or an eyelash curler simply because your stuff isn’t organised, you need to do it soon or else you’ll suffer. If you’re the type of a person who wants certain make-up pieces ready for you.

4. Organizing makeup stuff reduces stress. Imagine looking for a lipstick for a long time, now what’s even worse is that you have to be ready in 5 minutes. Pretty sure that’s one of the most stressful things that can happen to you. If you organise these makeup items, you’ll be able to do away with that potential stressful moment as you’ll never have to look for an item that you need for very long.

5. Organisation inhibits better quality. For professional make-up artists, quality is their living thus they require every make up item they need to be there for them when the need arises. Much like for you, you can do quality make-up if you see everything that you need. You’ll be minimizing a bad habit of the “this will do” attitude because you’re tired of looking for something that isn’t readily there and just use whatever is available.

6. Organising your make-up creates more space. Imagine a bunch of make-up stuff piling up and looks like it has eaten up most of your closet space. It will either force you to clean up your closet and throw away clothes (which could still be useful for you) or you’ll end up buying another one – which will eat up more space again. In organizing these make-up stuffs, the space problem would then be solved.

7. Organising decreases (or probably eliminates) clutter. Imagine your make-up stuff piled up in one bag and you’re looking for your lip balm. As you dig deeper into the pile, you subconsciously throw away your blush-on (as you don’t need it at that time) out of frustration. This created clutter spread all over your room topped with a need to buy another blush soon. With a make-up organiser, you can eliminate this situation from happening, and the frustration too.

8. It exhibits sophistication. You might be the talk of the town if you showcase your make-up organiser to your friends. Organised stuff looks clean and you’ll have an opportunity to boast on your product lines to your friends which will then create better social status as well.

9. Organising can clear your mind. You may not actually be able to believe this, but once you’re done with organising your make-up stuff, you will find peace of mind. You’ll feel secure and not worried when the time comes when you need something from your make-up stuff since you can easily find it in your makeup organiser. This means no more worrying about being late for your appointments either.

10. Organising creates fun and enhances your creativity. You can unleash your creative self in organizing your make-up stuff. Make-up is made with a wide variety of colours and shapes. You can organize them by colour, by type or even by brand name! Whichever set-up you would like, pretty sure it would be very fun and exciting. Organising stuff has a lot of benefits including saving money, time and effort. All of these are reasons for you to act and start organising.

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